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Drivers speak good English and spanish

Regarding our team what is the best way to visit Italian cities?

The best way to approach the visit of an historical town is to combine an english speaking driver or a smart driver  then reserve a local qualified guide in the historical city centre in fact

an ” English speaking driver ” is a professional driver that has an extensive geographical and technical knowledge; he provide our clients with maximum comfort and confidence on the road. Our english speaking driver is also extremely familiar with main destinations in Tuscany and Italy; he allow our clients designing an itinerary if they prefer playing it by ear directly with them to better suit their interests and preferences. He could act as passengers’ mobile concierge.

a “ Smart-Driver ” is a professional driver with excellent local knowledge who will provide you with an overview of local history, show you the main sights from the vehicle, arrange museum tickets (subject to availability), make lunch recommendations etc., but cannot take you on a walking tour of the city, into museums, churches or other sights, or give in-depth historical, artistic and architectural information.

a “Qualified Guide” is a professional Guide with a degree in Art History; he / she has passed a specific test to obtain a guide’s licence and is authorised to accompany you into museums, churches, and other sights; escort you on a walking tour of the city and providing in-depth historical artistic and architectural information.

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