Naples port to Positano Amalfi coastline to Ravello

  • 08:00 meet the driver and move to Positano
  • 09:30 Positano
  • 10:45 drive to Amalfi
  • 11:30 Amalfi
  • 13:00 lunch time
  • 14:30 drive to Ravello
  • 15:00 Ravello
  • 15:30 drive to Naples

This is a really complete tour (it’s a day tour, it lasts 8-9 hrs), along the road that we define as the “Divine Amalfi Coast”, because you will have the opportunity to admire all the beauty of this incredible/amazing/unbelievable coastline, with stops in all the “3 main gems”, let’s say Amalfi, Positano and Ravello, with free time in each one, in order to enjoy completely locations; Positano…located into the mountain, surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation, Positano is so picturesque as to seem a natural stage setting, seen from the gorgeous bay it looks like a huge nativity scene, this old village was founded by a colony coming from the south, exactly from Paestum, a colony forced to leave when a disease cause from malaria start to spread.

Today the village develops vertically, the little houses painted in pastel colours are on top of the other giving a unique a precious look, and the little beaches (Fornillo, Fiumicello, and Arienzo) are very charming and easy to get to on foot or by boat. A few miles from the coast there is a small archipelago composed by three islets, “Li Galli” or “Syrenuse” so called because were considered to be the dwellings of the sirens, mythological figures half women and half fish. This small archipelago was the private summer residence of the world wide famous Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev. In his memory the “Positano international award for the art of dance” is presented every year. Positano is a perfect holiday destination in case you wish a top exclusive vacation.

Positano is “quite” famous for another feature: the narrow streets lined with boutiques, which create the well know Positano style. Boutique which show their summer clothing, textiles of bright colours for beach, pareus, bikinis and also the hand-made leather sandals can be ordered to size, at the moment. You’ll find on sale the paintings from many artists that propose views of the beautiful bay, colourful local ceramics, and wide selection of typical products. Amalfi had minted its own currency call “Tarì”, gold on one side and silver on the other marked with a cross, symbol of the city.

In short, a real power of the time. To remember this glorious past, every 4 years, in the month of June, in Amalfi you can assist at the “Historic regatta of the marine Republics”. Anciently Amalfi was also very famous for its paper mills, paper quality and craftsman shops of the artisans were known throughout Europe (there is no documentation about the origins of paper production), a process that continues today even though much reduced. Testimonies of this ancient work is still preserved in the museum of the paper of Amalfi.

The long steep stairs, the polychromatic façade of the church decorated by golden mosaics, and a bronze door of the byzantine era, makes this cathedral impressively beautiful, in addition to its proximity there are gorgeous locations like Praiano, a beautiful and relaxing little village very nice for holiday resort; Conca dei marini, instead, a fishing village offering a stunning panorama, is also the site of “Emerald grotto” where the sea water take an intense green hue caused by light filtration. In general the whole area is also famous for the incredible views of the coast from above.

Thanks to all this beauty, Amalfi is considered the heart and soul of the coast. Ravello is another gem of the Amalfi coast, perched at 350 meters above sea level where the effects of magical and natural architecture create a vision of incredible intensity. Its name is also mentioned in Boccaccio’s “Decameron”. Famous for its tranquil and serene atmosphere, Ravello offers architectural gems of rare elegance and beauty, because this small medieval town was inhabited by aristocratic families and wealthy merchants who built palaces, villas and mansions that fortunately are still kept in perfect condition and you can visit. Some examples are: Villa Rufolo, dated to the 13th century immersed in a green park of exotic Mediterranean flora creating one of the largest and most beautiful gardens in Campania, and the arabesque colonnade is a masterpiece.The atmosphere is breathtaking, villas lined by lemon trees and cypresses, cascade of flowers from the belvedere the sea seems endless. Each summer in the gardens of the villa some concerts of the “Ravello festival” are held, and the great composers Wagner had the inspiration for the Klingsor garden, in his opera Parsifal, came from the gardens of villa Rufolo.

Villa Cimbrone it was bought in 1904 by Ernest William Beckett, who transformed into a charming and fashionable residence. It has hosted many famous personalities, from Winston Churchill to Greta Garbo. Ravello is considered a magical place where natural beauty is complete with the magic of poetry and music. A place of inspiration for some of the greatest artists of all time like Wagner, Toscanini, Leonard Bernstein and Rostropovich also spend relaxing time here.


up to 3 pax
up to 4-6 pax
up to 7-8 pax

English speaking driver:

The English speaking driver is a professional driver that has an extensive geographical and technical knowledge; he provide our clients with maximum comfort and confidence on the road. The English speaking driver is also extremely familiar with main destinations in Tuscany and Italy; he allow our clients designing an itinerary if they prefer playing it by ear directly with them to better suit their interests and preferences. He could act as your mobile concierge.

Smart Driver:

Is a professional driver with excellent local knowledge who will provide you with an overview of local history; show you the main sights from the vehicle; arrange museum tickets (subject to availability); on your request make lunch recommendations; he cannot take you on a walking tour of the city, into museums, churches or other sights, or give in-depth historical, artistic and architectural information. Enjoytuscany smart driver act as your mobile concierge!

Our private (shore excursion)(private excursion) to (il nome dell’escursione) is designed to help you to experience the best-known and most significant sights, but we are happy to tailor-make your itinerary to suit your own tastes and interests (within the limits of the time available, of course!). The excursion can also be combined with a private guided walking tour of (il nome della città o del sito più importante dell’escursione) with a licensed guide.

  • smart driver+full comforts vehicle
  • 1/3 pax: 650,00
  • 4/6 pax: 690,00
  • 7/8 pax: 760,00

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